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Helping the Poor is Foundational

Recently I attended a forum of Christians from different ecclesial communities to discuss the role of faith in the workplace. A colleague and I were the only Catholics in attendance, which intrigued some of our fellow-attendees who were from Anglican and Lutheran backgrounds. They were surprised to see Catholics interested in matters of faith and evangelisation. One even asked if our work was administrative. "No,” I replied, “we talk to people about Jesus." I could see the cognitive dissonance on his face. Maybe we had more in common than he previously thought?

Discussion eventually came around to the richness of Catholic social teaching and the long-tradition of Catholics meeting the needs of the community, such as running social services and building schools, hospitals and universities.

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Mental Health Help

A significant number of homeless people experience a mental health issue.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics , the extent of mental illness in Australia is reflected in annual suicide rates, which show that 3,128 people died from intentional self-harm in 2017 – an increase of 9.1 percent from the previous year.

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has released a new resource to provide information about mental illness, in order to promote understanding and lessen stigma. Parishes across Australia are encouraged to show people with mental illness that they are welcomed and valued as members of the parish community.

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