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Welcome to our February edition of Faith Journey.
Where Was God?

Where was God?

I am writing this article in mid-January. The beautiful blue sky and gentle breeze I can see from my window belies what most of us have experienced over the past month or more. Parched earth, landscapes, homes and businesses ravaged by fire, choking smoke haze and most recently thunder and hail storms. And lives lost as a consequence.

I’m conscious that readers of this reflection come from a broad range of religious belief, and none.  Many of you have subscribed to Faith Journey because you are on a search for something spiritual; something that will provide meaning in your life, which might, or might not, include God, Jesus or the Catholic faith. Some of you are baptised Catholics, who might just be hanging in there or have decided to take a break from attending Mass. 

For this reason, I thought I would broach the topic of God’s role in these tragic events. “Why do bad things happen to good people?” or “where is God in the midst of this?” are perennial questions.

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Tips for the Journey

Praying is not an activity exclusive to those who are members of a Church, nor is it an academic endeavour. Prayer may lead you to both of these things, but prayer is first and foremost a relationship with God. If you found the previous reflection thought-provoking, you might like to pray, or ponder, the following:

Lord God
Sometimes I do not understand why things
happen the way they do.  How can:
little babies die,
young people get sick,
storms, floods and droughts take countless lives?

And yet I see:
the miracle of birth,
the splendid beauty of creation,
kind, loving and generous people throughout the world.

Why, God, do you let these good and bad
things happen in life?

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