People of all faiths are welcome to attend Mass in a Catholic Church. Non-Catholics are welcome to be present for the celebration but only Catholics in a state of grace are able to receive Holy Communion during Mass. The Eucharist is not merely bread but the True Presence of Jesus; his real body, blood, soul and divinity and as such, it is appropriate that this is only distributed to those who have professed such a belief. Although some Protestant communities have the 'breaking of the bread', unlike in Catholic and Orthodox Traditions, the bread in such Protestant celebrations is not Jesus' True Presence.

There could be a number of people present at Mass who do not participate in receiving the Eucharist for a variety of reasons, being that they are not Catholic or that they are not in a position to receive Holy Communion. But all are welcome to share in the prayer and celebration.

Host photo by Josh Applegate on Unsplash

14 October 2019

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