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Catholic Enquiry Centre wishes to share the good news with those who support our works: donors, sponsors, friends of CEC, parishes, schools and other Church organisations. Our newsletter, Ausvangelist, details our activities, forthcoming projects, and inspiration for supporters to continue with the mission to evangelise.

Ausvangelist is distributed three times a year, in Lent/Easter, Assumption/August and Christmas.

For your convenience, we have made available online our recent issues.


pdf Ausvangelist - Easter 2011

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pdf Ausvangelist - December 2010

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pdf Ausvangelist - August 2010

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pdf Ausvangelist - April 2010

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pdf Ausvangelist - December 2009

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Ausvangelist - December 2009.pdf

pdf Ausvangelist - August 2009

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Ausvangelist - August 2009.pdf

pdf Ausvangelist - April 2009

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Ausvangelist Newsletter 2009 v50 issue 1 v5a.pdf