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Mary & Jesus Catacombs Rome

There's something about Mary

When we were expecting our fourth child, my husband and I were settled on a boy’s name, but there was debate about what we might name a girl. The more names I proposed, the more adamant my husband was about calling her Mary. The reason I gave him for not being keen on Mary was that it sounded plain and boring – apologies to anyone named Mary who is reading this article! The truth is, I was still harbouring some anti-Mary sentiment from my past.

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Painting of pregnant Mary

Food for the journey

For your spiritual nourishment this month, I’d like to point you to a couple of Scripture passages that relate to Mary and have become the source of two prayers that are well-known to Catholics.

The first prayer, the Hail Mary, is taken from the first chapter of Luke’s Gospel. I encourage you to take a look at this Scripture and you will discover how most of the phrases of the prayer have been lifted straight from the Biblical text.

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