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How Do Catholics Relate to Scriptures?

A while back I was discussing our faith with a young man I encounter on a regular basis. He describes himself as a ‘former Catholic’ or, more positively, as a ‘devout Atheist.’ He gave up on the practice of his faith because, the course of one of the religious education classes he attended at a local Catholic secondary school, he was told that the world was created in seven days. He was instructed that he needed to accept this because the Bible says so. When he questioned this reading of history from a scientific perspective, he was told that science is wrong. He decided then and there that ‘belief in God is for idiots.’ 

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The Bible Is Insufficient

Some Christians have elevated the Bible to a place that God really never intended. We are a people centred on a person, not a bookRead more

Postscript: It is with sadness we advise that Shane Dwyer has resigned his role as Director of the NCE and CEC. Shane’s dedication to the ministry of evangelisation, and his giftedness in expressing the beauty and challenges of our Catholic Faith will be greatly missed. He is looking forward to working in the Archdiocese of Brisbane in a related role.

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