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Life from Death

By the time you read this the Easter holidays will be over. For those of us who were able to take a break I am sure they were much appreciated. They remain an interesting vestige of our past as a Christian culture, only partially understood by the majority, but we’re thankful for the holiday nonetheless. Perhaps you’re interested in learning one or two things about what Easter actually is? If so, read on. 

The origins of the Easter celebration are before the beginnings of Christianity. As the Christian communities grew and sought to establish themselves, they drew from their past to help them make sense of the present. The past they were referencing went back millennia into their origins as part of the Jewish people. Read more

Journeying into Eternity

One of the ways to connect with God on a moment by moment basis is to pray. Most people find praying difficult, but it is something you can learn and improve with practice. One error to avoid is to assume that authentic prayer is the same thing as spontaneous prayer. This can be paralysing if you don't know what to say. Prayer is not just expressing yourself to God, it's about being formed by God into the image of Christ. Prayer is something we must learn, as the disciples apprehended when they asked Jesus to teach them to pray. Read more

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