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The word Sorry

Is "sorry" the hardest word?

When Eddie McGuire resigned recently as president of the Collingwood Football Club, there was a great deal of commentary about the timing of his apology. Eddie McGuire did lots of great things for Collingwood, and for football in general. But when the findings of racism within the club were announced, why was his apology so slow in coming?

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Father embraces adult son

Words for the Journey 

There is a powerful story in the Scriptures that speaks to the interplay between apology and reconciliation. It is the story of the Prodigal Son found in Luke’s Gospel (15:11-32).    

Many of you will know this familiar story, but to summarise: A father has two sons. 

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Going deeper: Pope Francis and saying sorry

Pope Francis spoke of three important phrases when he met the Catholic faithful in St Peter’s Square in May 2015: “may I”, “thank you” and “pardon me”. He acknowledged that “pardon me” is not “always easy to say, but it is so necessary”. We invite you to read the words of his short homily here. They are practical, they are wise and they are definitely necessary.

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