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Where Was God?


This issue of Faith Journey will arrive in your email inbox during the season of Lent. For those of you not familiar with the traditions of the Catholic faith, Lent is a period of six weeks. It falls between two important events in the Catholic calendar: Ash Wednesday and Holy Thursday (which is three days before Easter Sunday).

The idea of “seasons” is worthy of contemplation. In the Catholic Church, we divide the year into a number of seasons including Easter, Christmas and even one called Ordinary Time. In our own lives, we experience different seasons – and I don’t mean spring, summer, autumn and winter! If you have had a baby, you will have experienced a season of joy intermingled with sleep deprivation and the struggle to balance work and family commitments. Eventually you move out of that season and into the “teenage years”. 

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Food for the Journey

During this season of Lent, those who are preparing to become adult members of the Catholic Church are asked to dedicate time to reflect on their lives. They are to reflect on what is “weak, defective, or sinful” and what is “upright, strong and good” in their lives (#128, RCIA).

I find the following prayer, prayed by the priest for all those who are about to become a Catholic, particularly beautiful. What do you think?

Lord Jesus,
you are the fountain for which they thirst,
you are the Master whom they seek.
In your presence
they dare not claim to be without sin,
for you alone are the Holy One of God.


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