Message in a bottle

Illustration of a message in a bottleI was working with a group of school teachers a few months back, trying to find the words to connect with every person in the room. Sometimes it is hard to make yourself understood when talking with just one person, so how can you be sure when talking to a group of fifty? You call on your experience, you try to read the room and intuit what is going on, and you make an act of faith.

At times I can feel like a castaway on a desert island, placing messages in bottles hoping that one day someone somewhere will read one of them and may even be provoked to respond. I write my words, or I speak them out, but is anybody reading…is anybody listening? Should I write nothing? Say nothing? Would it make any difference if I did nothing at all?

I live in hope. I live in hope of the man or woman who is beginning to feel the call to respond to some mysterious force outside themselves, but who is not looking for easy answers or a quick fix. They are vaguely aware that they have questions and they also know that they are on a journey that will never end. They resist the trite answers that popular culture, or pop psychology or spirituality want to give them. These are the people God is calling.


This article is part of Faith Journey, a newsletter from the National Centre for Evangelisation.

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