Calling on the Force

Light sabresI am in the Star Wars generation. That is to say, I was a boy of 13 when the first Star Wars movie came out, and the larger than life characters and good vs evil storyline burst on to our screens. I was old enough to appreciate what I was watching, and young enough to half hope that it was all real. With the latest instalment of the franchise due to hit our theatres soon, it is on my mind.

So much has been written about this movie, and its connection to a number of the central elements of the human spiritual quest, for it to be impossible for me to do it justice here. I focus instead on one concept that has made its way into the contemporary zeitgeist: ‘may the Force be with you’.

A variation on the Christian phrase “May the Lord be with you”, we cannot help but consider what, if anything, it suggests to us about our experience of the divine. Is there a ‘Force’ to assist us as we journey forward in our quest for spiritual authenticity?

I would answer ‘yes’ to that question. I wouldn’t call it ‘the Force’ of course, as I have another word for it: ‘grace’. Grace is the power of God to lead, heal and transform those who open themselves to it. No one is beyond the grace of God for, if they were, they would not exist. It is the grace of God that holds us in being and calls us forward.

But there’s the thing: we get to choose the degree to which grace influences our daily lives. It is there if we want it. Do we want God’s guidance, help and healing? Do we give any thought to asking for grace?


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