Taking a Step Forward

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There are certain moments in your life when you are confronted with a choice: do you continue on the path you are currently following, or do you take a turn to the left or the right? You weigh up all the options and you attempt to take into account all the information you have at your disposal…and then you decide.

That works for many of the decisions we need to make. However, it doesn’t work in the journey of faith. That’s because we need to consider more than ourselves, or simply those factors that we believe need to be taken into account.

God’s role is central. Because of this, you are dealing with something more than your ability to be able to weigh up the options. Instead, you’re faced with the question: is God inviting me into a deeper relationship with himself?

There are reasons why you have signed up to this online spirituality resource. For some, it will be because you are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith, and you wonder if taking the next step into joining that faith might be for you.

If that is your situation I put before you a question: is God calling you to reach out and respond to him? Now is the time of the year in which various people around the country are preparing to get together to learn more about the Catholic faith, with a view to possibly being baptised or received into the Church at Easter next year.

Might one of them be you? If you would like to express interest, please let us know via this form.


Tips for your faith journey

Two hands helpSomeone said to me once: 'Don't tell me that Jesus Christ wants to have a personal relationship with me. I don't want to know that because that might mean my life needs to change.'

He was quite right. Believing that Jesus is alive and seeking to have a relationship with you changes everything.

I wonder how many of us actually believe that Jesus is with us, calling us into a life-giving relationship with him. In my experience, many of us relate to God like he is the sun: we're pleased he's there, sometimes we can see him, sometimes we can't, and most of the time we forget about him.

Christianity is not meant to be like that. We are invited into a living and deep relationship with Jesus Christ, in whom we experience God. That changes everything.


This article is part of Faith Journey, a newsletter from the National Centre for Evangelisation.