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Science or faith…or both?

A young friend of mine laughed at me the other day. My response to his question about why God doesn’t appear to answer prayer struck him as funny. When I said that God always answers prayers, just that he often responds either ‘no’ or ‘you need to be the person I will work through to get this done’, my friend laughed and said: ‘you mean God delegates?!’ We both laughed at the thought. Bear in mind that my friend is a self-described ‘devout atheist’. Most things to do with God strike him as funny. And yet he keeps asking me questions…

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When Science Meets Religion

One book that provides a helpful overview of how people look at science and religion differently is When Science Meets Religion: Enemies, Strangers, or Partners? By Ian G. Barbour.

In this book Barbour gives four different models of interaction...

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